Monday, November 4, 2019

Horror Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Horror Exam - Essay Example This ever-ubiquitous element of the Gothic style, is represented here by Vincent Price’s characters and the women in the movie. Price played the dual character of the warlock Joseph Curwen who was burn at stake by the villagers of Arkham and the warlock’s descendant Charles Dexter Ward who came to Arkham some 110 years later to take possession of Curwen’s castle which he inherited. As a warlock, Curwen can put a spell on any woman he desires to offer them as sacrifice to a creature he kept in his basement. His beautiful mistress Hester loyally assisted him in the sacrificial rites. Hester’s submissive, unquestioning and devoted loyalty to Curwen provides a stark contrast to Curwen’s dark, overpowering and totally evil aura. Similarly, the pretty young women Curwen inveigles to his castle to be made sacrificial lambs were made docile and almost lifeless by the hypnotic spell he cast upon them. In the second part of the film, the same character dynamic of the dominant male and submissive female is re-presented to the audience. Charles Dexter Ward, Curwen’s descendant comes to Arkham to take possession of his inheritance – Curwen’s castle. Without Ward’s knowledge, this event had been intentionally designed by Curwen’s two henchmen who wanted Curwen to possess the body of Ward, so that they could pursue their demonic plans of opening the door to the beyond and commune with the dark gods. Ward is accompanied by his young wife, the pretty Ann Ward. Ward’s character, although not dominating and commanding initially, changes once the warlock starts to take over his body, changing him into an evil, powerful and domineering character who pushed around the fragile, too-feminine and helpless Ann. Once again, the exaggerated masculinity of Price’s character provides a stark contrast to the likewise exaggerated femininity of Debra Page t’s Ann, who

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