Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Decision Making Process of Property Crime Offenders Research Proposal

The Decision Making Process of Property Crime Offenders - Research Proposal Example All social behaviors occur through a process of decision making, so does criminality. As seen earlier on the decision-making process is cognitive, and as odd as it may seem even criminal offenders go through the process of decision making. It is  a continuous process based on an individual’s interaction with the environment that ends when an acceptable or suitable solution is reached. The main motivation of criminology is the avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure. Property crimes have a greater percentage of all crimes that happen. If there is an intention to commit a crime, this is burglary. If none such breaking and entering into a place alone called illegal trespass of property. (Nee.C, 2003) Academic and policy-driven interest in situational crime prevention has stimulated a variety of offenses-specific research from the 1980s onwards. This has resulted in considerable development in both ‘grounded’ methodological approaches and our understanding of the burglar’s behavior and decision-making during the criminal event (Nee, 2003). It is of great importance to master the psychology of the person who commits the crime. Find out why, how and for what reason. It is also important to find out the various phases that the criminal offender goes through during different stages of the offense.

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