Friday, October 18, 2019

MANAGEMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MANAGEMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY - Essay Example the organizations to achieve this goal there is need for the managers to break down bureaucratic structures to allow close interaction between workers and managers at various levels, recognize the potential of employees, capitalize organizational teams and organization of projects. Management can be viewed as a form of idea and a structure of values based on the perception that it can secure a limitless growth of expansion in the creation and exchange of human significance across the globe (Smith) Customers want their orders processed as fast as possible and with greater efficiency. This requires organizations to be fully prepared to respond to emergency requests of the customers while maintain continuous improvement of products and services they deliver to the customers. It is apparent that organizations must make a profit in order to survive in the market. The efficiency of management is achieved at four levels namely; natural, social, individual and ethical level (Alain, 2006). The management should have a limitless predisposition towards a systematic in addition to the occasional regulation of nature and boundless accumulation and capitalisation of knowledge for governing nature. Managers require skills to address issues at all levels from individual, social, organizational and global levels by establishing a clear link of how various things interact at all levels across the globe. The new management style involves focusing on short-term financial performance. Just as aforementioned, organizations must make a profit on a daily basis in order for them to survive. Investors use returns of their investments as a yardstick to measure the efficiency of management (Alain, 2006). This puts managers under intense pressure to put in place concrete measures to achieve short-term finance performance. There is an increasing urgency in production and consumption of products and services mainly as a result of increasing use of information technology. These aspects have

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