Monday, October 7, 2019

Review the literature and evidence for or against the effectiveness of Essay

Review the literature and evidence for or against the effectiveness of packaging as an important part of tobacco promotion. With special reference to Australia - Essay Example igarettes or other tobacco products should carry no advertising or promotion, including design features that make products attractive† (Voon, Mitchell, and Liberman, 2012, p. 38). White, Webster, and Wakefield (2008) investigated the impact of introducing the graphic warning labels of health on the adolescents and found that the established and experimental adolescent smokers were more likely to consider quitting smoking. The researchers also found lower intentions of smoking among students that discussed the new labels of warning with one another. The use of stronger warning labels on the packaging of cigarettes in Australia led to an increase in the population of people that reported that the warning had always caught their attention by 29 per cent (Borland, 1997). The packaging of cigarettes has a significant impact on the tendency of people to smoke. According to the results of a survey that was carried out to investigate the transaction times of tobacco in 100 different suburban retail outlets in Perth before and after plain packaging of cigarettes found that the transaction times of most retailers were reduced because of plain packaging, that suggests increased sales of cigarettes (BMJ, 2013). This is why â€Å"[p]ackaging has been used for many years to generate evocative images such as luxury, freedom, glamour, status and masculinity and femininity† (World Heart Federation, n.d., p. 5). Graphic warnings on the packaging of cigarettes in Australia include information on the potential ways of quitting smoking like website addresses and quitline numbers. Use of this strategy has been found to be effective in encouraging the smokers to quit smoking (, n.d., p. 4). This can be estimated from the fact that after the pictorial labels were introduced with the quitline information on the packaging of cigarettes in Australia in the year 2006, a two-fold increase in the rate of callers of quitline was noticed in comparison to the two preceding

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