Thursday, October 3, 2019

Reflective Independent Learning Essay Example for Free

Reflective Independent Learning Essay 1. A critical part of being an independent learner is reflecting on your learning. Go to the following link from the University of Hull and learn more on how to be a reflective learner: University of Hawaii Reflective Learning 2. Being an independent learner is a guiding principle for university learning and success. Clearly, learning independently is a complex activity that involves many things but crucially it requires the ability to take responsibility for and to reflect on your learning so that you can achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Find out more about what it means to be an independent learner and how you can improve in this area by going to the following link and reading this article from Hull University: Study Advice 1. Write a short paragraph answering the following questions: a) Describe several things that you have done or are doing at university that would be defined as independent learning. b) Being motivated, confident and reflective were highlighted in the article as key to independent learning. How do you rate yourself in these areas? c) Referring to the articles above, describe how you can improve your independent learning. One of the important things that I use and I define as independent learning is portfolios. I use them not only for all my classes but also for everything I take a picture of or draw or write or even tutorials that shows how to make things. I consider that very important because it helps me to remember everything I did and I liked, so every time I take my portfolio and browse it, I remember all the good and positive things I did and that make me happy. In my opinion, motivation, confidence, and reflection are the fundamental keys to be an efficient independent learner because they give energy that make you feel that you want to do something that you like. And when you do something you like it gives you motivation and confidence. It‘s a kind of cycle that never ends. And personally I think those three elements are what keep artists doing the good work. In my case I use normal portfolios, but the negative thing about that is that a certain time I will end up having many portfolios which will take a lot of space.

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