Saturday, October 5, 2019

Personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 11

Personal Statement Example to return to my country and serve it as an individual who has a graduate level degree and who is prepared to give to the community that which was given to him, positive opportunities. Due to the fact that I speak Arabic, _______, and English (name all of the languages you speak) I am able to perform research in the native language and use primary sources to help the faculty members perform their research. I would like to work with ________ who is a faculty member in the ______ Department and who is researching areas of interest to me, such as: ______________. I am computer literate and I am able to perform research using my methodology skills. I am able to seek primary sources, translate the documents, and develop measurement instruments that will help me obtain data to be analysed and interpreted so that I may conclude and be able to make recommendations based on the findings. I am a person that is able to work as a team member and I am able to be a follower when need be. I have language, computer, and research skills. I am organized, analytical, and I meet deadlines and I am able to work under pressure. My greatest obstacle has been to learn a new language and live in a society different from mine. I have had to overcome these obstacles and I am able to excel in a society such as the United Kingdom. I have been able to differentiate the differences and similarities as a Qatar citizen. As a person who is able to do outstanding tasks I have been taken seriously in my community and trusted that I will return to share the knowledge that I have obtained from your higher education institution. I come from a family of seven members. This has given me the strength to become a dedicated and responsible person for that which I become involved in. I am better than other applicants in that I have a great desire to achieve my goal and objectives in life. I will be able to perform excellent graduate coursework and research. This will place me in a position to join two

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